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Nature - n. the sum total of all things in time and space; the entire physical universe. The power, force, principle, etc. that seems to regulate the physical universe: often personified.

Sprite - n. A small or elusive supernatural being; an elf or pixie. A specter or ghost. A soul.

"I believe there is no source of deception in the investigation of nature which can compare with a fixed belief that certain kinds of phenomena are impossible."
- William James, philosopher

Small Sprite

Taken in Burlington, WIBlue Eyed

taken in the root of a pine tree
Tree Pixie

Image found near Apostle Islands, WIWood Elf

Found in a root system at Glacier Hills County Park near Holy Hill, WI. See Raw Pictures for the original photo.Puck

Image was photographed in the Smoky Mountains.Truth

This was photographed in the Smoky Mountains.Mischief

Photographed in the Apostle Islands in northern Wisconsin.Leon

Photographed in the Smoky Mountains.Tree Crone

Photographed in the Smoky Mountains.The Prince

Photographed in the Smoky Mountains.Hidden Beauty

Found in a piece of dead wood in the Wauwatosa park, WI.The Eye

Park by Holy Hill - amazing.Mystic Beauty

Found on the side of a tree in Mirror Lake, WI.Nature Elf
Taken in a park near Holy Hill, WIGnome

Found in a park near Wauwatosa, WIWhite Elegance
Apostle Islands AreaTaken in the enchanted forest in Burlington, WIFound in a piece of wood in a forest by Holy Hill, WIShepherd Angel

I found her in the knot of the Ginko tree in my front yard.The Traveler
Near Holy Hill.Tree Guardian
In a Ginko Tree.Little Brownie

Image photographed in the Smoky Mountains.Face In Tree With Friends

Taken in Mirror Lake, WIHobbit

Found on the side of a tree in Wauwatosa park, WI.On The Wind
Holy Hill AreaAlways There

Found in the wood of an old telephone pole in the park near Holy Hill, WI.This image is in my grandma's old wooden kitchen table chair.Alien World

Found in an antique cabinet owned by the grandmother of a friend.I Don't Know What To Say

I literally don't know what to say about this one... found while camping in Mirror Lake, WITribal Alien

Found in the park in Wauwatosa, WI.Magnificence

Found in the park in Wauwatosa, WIThe Lion

This is the one that started it all. Found in Oregon by the Columbia River Gorge.Buffalo Tiger

This was right next to the first one, again in Oregon.Old Man In Tree

He was on the side of a tree in the park in Wauwatosa, WI.Gargoyle Sprite

Found in a tree in the park in Wauwatosa, WI.Ancient Statue

Found in Canon Park, WISmiling Bulb

This photo is obviously not a tree, but I had to include it anyway. This sweet little bulb was growing into our back porch last summer. Everyday we would say hello on our way out - and Good Lord no we didn't draw the face on with magic marker. It just grew like this.Life Eats Life

Found in a root system in the park in Wauwatosa, WI.

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