My Portfolio
These images are from my private photo album and not for sale. (The're basically vacation photos...) Enjoy!!!

Orb Triangle in Yellowstone National ParkThis orb showed up on my camera after taking a 
picture into the trees above our campsite in the Smoky Mountains.This rather obvious pig/animal head appeared with
an orb over the fire at our campsite in Yellowstone.
When I showed the image to a man who was very familiar with Yellowstone, he said there were many animal spirits there.Although this image is not an orb, it is similiar to the orb phenomena since I took 
this photo into the seemingly empty air. There must be something about the digital camera flash that are making these beings visible. I took this image at the ECETI ranch in Washington State near Mt. Adams.
"The orb phenomenon might shed light on the human race's attempts to understand itself and where it fits into the cosmos. Orbs can be found in all sorts of photos--from hovering around the hands of renowned spirit healers to dancing over the heads of laughing children, to following dolphins in the ocean. Can they interact with us? Are they as aware of us as we are of them? The more we study orbs, the more we can begin to explore this mystery."

- Dr. Klaus Heienemann
- Dr. Miceal Ledwith

"Curiouser and curiouser!"
-Lewis Carroll