Beautiful Profile
SHE is creation made manifest.
SHE is the lover
The Queen
The Priestess
The Warrioress
The Goddess.
SHE is your Mother Earth.
SHE represents the connection
Of spirit and form.
SHE loves without judgement.
SHE gives without expectation.
All this SHE does
So that we may learn
To live like her.
SHE is love made manifest.

Wood Elf
Beauty is the greatest destroyer
Of all that is not truth.
Beauty comes in many disguises
And is mistakenly called many names...
Beauty will burn your house down
If it is not your true home.
She will dismantle your country,
Your leaders
And everything you know
When something stronger is coming.
Beauty sits beside death
And knows no ugliness.
Sharpen your senses
For beauty is a constant companion.
She whispers to you
She breathes it into you
"Let go,
And you will finally be home".

Small Sprite
Some of the most simple-hearted,
And profound humans
Right now changing the world...
Are considered to be the ugly,
The ignored
And the lonely.
But since it is usually
The beautiful bird that is caged,
Don't you think
They might have planned it this way?

Shepherd Angel
Look to the feeling
Of open-hearted wonder...
Look to the sensation
Of joy
As it opens and relaxes your body.
This is where the answers lie.
You are connected to all realms simultaneously
Although this world has much of your attention.
We are your angels and guides.
We are all around you
And are experienced through your heart.
Slow yourself.
Seek to offer us your highest intentions
Therefore raising your vibration
So we can meet between the worlds
And dance.

Blue Eyed
Never stop seeking
To understand the world around you.
To make known the unknown.
To make manifest the unmanifest.
Your evolution is beautiful...
Do not resist the flow of the river.
Do not cling in fear to the rocks
In an effort to stay the same.
You are a God
Forever in creation.
Forever in expansion.
You wouldn't have had it any other way.
Do you hear the laughter?
It is your guides sending you the most powerful sound of all!
It is a delightful thing
The way they love and cheer you on.
Unleash your voice and join the power of creation!
Life, glorious life!
Life, glorious life!