Welcome to the Nature Sprites website where all images were found in wood or dried water droplets. My name is Barbara Stephan and I am inspired to share the faces that I see, and the gifts they have given me. My life has been forever altered since I began to connect to these amazing faces by creating art that reflects what I am seeing.

I now see everything as the magical being it really is. Plants, trees, animals... everything is infused with spiritual energy and ancient wisdom which is the very essence of life. These magical images were made by intelligent energy far beyond what I had been conscious of in my everyday life... until now.

"The first time I saw Barbara's creations, I instantly began to remember . . . remember our deep oneness with nature.  I am so very grateful for Barbara bringing the wisdom of the sprites to humanity as we collectively begin to awaken into our greatest potential."  ~ Kara Catrelle - MSW
Psychotherapist ~ Shamanic Practitioner

"Barbara Stephan and her photography of nature is a reminder to me each day of how I should take a little time to notice that the world is so much more than my conscious mind has realized. Thank you Barbara for noticing and sharing what you've seen. You keep my eyes open to the endless possibilities." - John Gustafson - singer, artist, metalworker

See nature with completely new eyes…

Artistic Integrity - The images are infused with love, care and artistic integrity. I use very little editing to bring the natural face to life and I do not add any features. Everything was created by nature.
Magic - A sense of pure magic surrounds each finely crafted piece.
Raw Image - Each piece of art comes with the raw, unedited photograph so you can see for yourself how it manifested naturally.

A piece of pure magic from Mother Nature. What a gift!

Because I want this artwork and its magic to be accessible to everyone, I have created fine art at affordable prices with benefits that extend far beyond the expense.

Prints are available as follows:

5x7 Single Print with 8x10 matboard - $25
8x10 Single Print with 11x14 matboard - $40

Each purchase is printed with acid-free archival quality materials.

For the past ten years or so I've also been entirely immersed in studying eastern/western philosophies and the new sciences (quantum physics) that are finally telling us what so many traditions have already known... that we are all one. (By entirely immersed... I mean really geeking out. No television and lots of meditation). Since I truly believe that it was through my practices of slowing down, contemplation and meditation that I was able to begin to see things I had never seen before, I am writing a series of meditations that go along with the Sprites. Please enjoy.

5x7 Prints - 11x14 Double Mat with Meditation - $40



The images
on this site were found in the natural world.
I edit
them in
only to deepen
shadows or
bring out
the highlights.
I do not add
things that
are not there
such as eyes, noses
etc... I am simply bringing out what I see.

Each print sold results in a donation to American Forests (www.americanforests.com) to have a tree planted.

I was brushing my teeth, leaning over my bathroom faucet, when I saw this face in a dried water droplet.
Wood Elf
Found in the root of a pine tree
Nature Elf
Found in the root of a pine tree.
Sheperd Angel
Found in the knot of a Ginko Biloba tree
I also make my living as a singer and I love to write music. Please enjoy my new single - "Laid Bare".